Laser cutting

Any design you create we can make

Our latest laser cutting technology allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality of manufacturing processes. This technology enables us to create in-house custom jobs for your needs. We pride ourselves with great service to meet the specific needs of our clients both locally and further afield.

Methods and process

A laser cutter is quickly becoming one of the most effective alternatives to many traditional metal cutting methods, providing many benefits over traditional methods.

We provide in-house programming and CAD drawing to create your specifications. During the process we monitor and inspect laser cut parts to ensure the products are made to your design and industry specifications.

Benefits over traditional cutting

One of the greatest benefits of laser cutting is the high level of precision it offers. The process utilises a high powered beam — also known as a laser — in order to cut the intended material. This process creates a precise cut allowing us to create more complex parts.

The precision and small turnaround times associated with laser cutting makes it an efficient, cost effective option.

Laser cut edges are also cleaner than those cut by more traditional methods.

In most cases the edges are cut so precisely that no further operations (deburring etc) are necessary. This reduces the amount of materials used, reducing the amount of waste.

Types of materials

The variety of materials that we can cut include:

stainless steel up to 30mm
aluminium up to 30mm
steel up to 25mm
brass up to 15mm
copper up to 12mm

Our laser bed can cut a sheet measuring up to 1500mm by 3000mm.

In-house artist

We can also boast an in-house artist who is keen to create new designs to cater for your one off designs. We particularly love designs reflecting Australian flora which looks lovely on:

  • a laser cut privacy screen for both internal and external
  • metal wall art for both internal and external
  • ornamental steel trinkets for the garden.

Please come and see us with your ideas and we’ll get busy creating.

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